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Magic Drafted Application
NAME: Scott
AGE: 19
JOURNAL: harry_b_dresden (I do not have a personal lj account)
AIM/PLURK/EMAIL: AIM: scott_mechler@yahoo.com, Plurk: Froglord, Email: scott_mechler@yahoo.com. Guys I'm super creative.
SERIES: The Dresden Files
NAME: Harry Dresden
RACE: Human? Caucasian? (not sure what's being asked so I'll give both)
AGE: 31
CANON POINT: Directly after the events of Changes. Harry is currently shot through the chest and drowning in a lake in canon.
REFERENCES: http://dresdenfiles.wikia.com/wiki/Dresden_Files (the Dresden Files Wiki)
APPEARANCE: Harry is an extremely tall, somewhat scruffy looking man in his early thirties. He's thin, but fairly well muscled, more of a sprinter's build than anything stereotypically comib-book heroic. He has short cut brown hair and usually a rough five o'clock shadow. He wears a brown leather duster jacket over jeans, a plain undershirt and cowboy boots, sometimes with the addition of a matching leather hat. The only jewelry he wears is a silver amulet, round with a pentacle pattern in the center, an heirloom from his mother, as well as a silver bracelet with shield charms. In canon, his magical foci consist of a long wooden staff and a short "blasting rod" with magical runes carved along the length of both. Conveniently, at his canon point all of these items save for the pentacle amulet have been destroyed, so he'll be starting fresh.
PERSONALITY & HOUSE REQUESTS: Harry is, on the surface, both a tremendous sarcastic wiseass and something of a nerd, enjoying goofy joking around and outdated popular culture references far too much. While he doesn't possess a whole lot of the usual heroic bravery or virtue that most protagonists have, he makes up for it in loyalty and a nearly insane predisposition towards leaping headlong into things that, by all rights, he should not be able to handle. He's got a fairly outdated sense of chivalry, particularly towards women and small children, to the point where a "damsel in distress" can really be pinned down as his one greatest weakness. He generally makes either friends or enemies with a person extremely quickly, either pissing them off to no end or earning a special, though goofy place in their hearts. As for a house, I know that you're probably fairly inundated with Gryffindor characters, that would be an excellent fit for Harry, though he is extremely friendly and personable, so he could fit in with Hufflepuff well too. Since he is a professor, you might need someone to be an IC mod for the Gryffindor characters, so that will be my first choice, with a second choice of Hufflepuff if you decide that you simply have too much gryffindor right now.

COMMUTER DETAILS: None. Harry will not be aligned with the death eaters.

POSITION: I'd like to apply Harry as a Professor. In canon, Harry has an incredibly wide array of experience combating various magical threats, everything from fallen angels to vampires to faeries, and he knows every trick in the book to deal with them. When thrown into an unfamiliar location like Hogwarts, Harry would be extremely interested in finding out as much as he possibly could about the monsters that inevitably would come crashing through his door trying to eat his face. He has some experience with teaching his apprentice, Molly, basic magic and I'd like to request that he be either a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor or a Care For Magical Creatures professor, whichever you think would be better suited to the needs of the game as a whole.

ORIENTATION: Harry is straight. His half-brother, Thomas is an incubus, essentially a sex vampire. (think Twilight, but they kill you if you have sex with them. So yeah, think Twilight.) If he had any gay leanings whatsoever, he would not have survived living with Thomas for several months.

ABILITIES & POWERS: Harry's magic is fairly powerful by the end of Changes. He's always had a predisposition towards using fire in combat, both because it came easily for him and most things are weak to the combination of cleansing flame and light. He also uses wind or "force" magic, faerie ice magic and magical force fields in combat. Outside of combat he can do many more intricate things, such as track a person, or set up a defensive grid, or veil himself and others (turn them invisible) though he's not very good at it. His magic is very power-oriented as opposed to other wizards in his world, and he's much worse at the intricate stuff. He's familiar with making potions and enchanting objects, but without his talking skull, Bob, to help him keep track of the ingredients and processes, he's not very good at that either. Besides a somewhat faster than average healing rate, there's nothing about him physically that makes him any tougher than a normal human, though he has enchanted his jacket to resist attacks. (The jacket in Hogwarts will, of course, be unenchanted).

WAND: Harry will be carrying an unyielding yew wand with a dragon heartstring core, 14 inches long. He's got a strength in elemental magic, which could translate well into Charms maybe? I'm not sure how that fits into the basic categories of magic, but it'll mostly be the spells he's more often than ones he's particularly good at.

MISC.: Harry has an extremely large, lazy cat named Mister, as well as a large shaggy mammoth that, upon further inspection, is in fact a dog. His name is Mouse. If Harry could keep those pets, that would be fantastic. Mouse is, in canon, a Foo Dog, a protective chinese spirit, but if that would not translate well to HP canon he could simply be a large black dog and that would work fine.

FIRST PERSON: There comes a point in every story when you expect a little resolution. At least a little "the end" even if you don't manage a "happily ever after".

I woke up.

That in itself was pretty damn surprising, let me tell you. The first thing I saw was stone walls, and considering what I'd been through, I was set to panic at anything that wasn't fluffy clouds and pearly gates. I suppose I was just lucky nobody was around to hear the heroic, manly squeak that managed to escape my throat and see me flail at the bedsheets in the strange room which, upon five seconds' inspection, wasn't actually all that strange.

Well it was, but not because it was unfamiliar. Because it looked like home.


Sometimes I have such a way with words. I got up out of the bed, scratching my head a little bit at all my old posters on the walls, all my junk on the shelves that by all rights should have been burned to ash a week ago. I approached the felt portrait of Elvis with a little bit of trepidation, reaching out and touching just under the King's chin.

"Hell's bells. No way." There was even the rough patch under the chin where Elvis had gotten scorched by a wayward imp a year and a half ago.

"If this stuff is fake, somebody was paying some good damn attention to detail."

I walked back into the middle of the room, looking around until I found a mirror. I rubbed at my eyes, trying to get myself a bit more conscious when I felt something pressing up against the fabric of my jeans.

"Pretty sure I'm not that happy to see me." I reached in, hoping for a second to find my blasting rod, since whoever had put me here had restored everything else, but instead I got something a lot slimmer, a lot more polished looking.

It was a wand. An honest to god stage magic wand. Ok, so it was brown, and maybe there wasn't a white cap on the end for me to stuff things into, but I still couldn't resist a try. I picked out a knicknack on the shelf, something I'd gotten from somebody in Chigago PD's special investigations as a gag gift a few years ago, and pointed the wand at it, forming the spell in my mind.

Fuego "Incendio."

The funny little windup toy caught on fire, burning merrily as the plastic melted. That was what was supposed to happen. What had happened with my mouth, though, that was what threw me.

"I think this place is going to take some figuring out."

After another quick look around, I found a window. Still cautious, I took a peek outside.


This is definitely not Chigago."

THIRD PERSON: Harry shivered on the deck of the Water Beetle, drawing the tattered shreds of his duster about him as shelter from the lake winds. He felt the remnants of the protective wards and spells he'd cast on it, over the years, and felt somewhat naked.

It was kind of Thomas to lend him his boat, after what had happened to Harry's house, car, and anywhere else he'd felt at home, but Harry still wished that it approached a little more of the opulence that seemed to drip off of Thomas' other possessions.
He sighed.

No point beating about the bush.

He removed the coat, holding it up to the light of the setting sun. Claw marks, bullet holes, marks of flame ravaged the brown leather. He set it on the deck, and went below for a moment.

Harry re-emerged with the remains of his staff and blasting rod, the former cracked in half, and the latter just a charred stump, both unable to contain the magic gifted to him by the sly fey.

Harry pushed Mab from his thoughts for a moment. He'd deal with that looming problem when he came to it. For now, he was caked with dirt and blood, and other substances he couldn't and didn't want to name, and there was a funeral to be had.

He gathered up his foci, and wrapped them in the remains of his coat. Faithful tools, his weapons and armor, now sundered beyond use.

Harry threw them out over the water, and they landed with a sad little splash, lingering for a moment on the surface before sinking to the depths.

Harry was devoid of feeling. It seemed like he should feel a touch more sadness for these things he'd loved, but in truth, what were they compared to everything else he'd lost? The places he'd felt safe, the people he'd loved... He'd won his war, the Council's war, but the cost...

It was nothing compared to Susan.

Harry turned to walk back towards the open hatch, when a massive force wrenched him a step forward. A wave rocked the boat slightly, and suddenly the tiny shift in weight seemed impossible, his legs refused to respond. Harry tumbled drunkenly backwards. He wondered where all the blood on the deck had come from.

His knees caught the rail, and he pitched back.

The blackness of the waves' embrace was absolute.


Denarians plot suggestion
Devils and Denarians: A 3 week Facility 3 event. Probably.
About Denarians:
Hidden and scattered about the streets, drains and odd corners and nooks in this Facility Three, Val has placed thirty old, Roman coins that someone with a good eye and knowledge of the currency of that time might recognize as Silver Denarians, with a portait of Caesar on either side.

These coins, rumored to be the thirty paid to Judas in exchange for his betrayal of Jesus Christ, all house powerful and deadly beings, honest-to-god Fallen Angels, imprisoned within the metal.  They have very little power while just sitting in the coins. A person walking nearby might feel a sudden curiosity, an urge to look closer, but nothing too pressing and just not enough for them to interrupt what they were doing if it were important. A person who sees one of the coins will be hit with something a little stronger, a real desire to feel the weight of it against their bare palm, rub the worn down face on the surface of the silver with their thumb. After all, finders keepers, right?

Upon touching the coin, though, the demon within, while still limited in its power, gains access to the person's mind, and is capable of speaking with them, and appearing to them, offering them a larger sample of the power they have to offer. The potential host will have a very strong need to keep the coin with them, and keep it safe. Anybody who touches a coin will get this effect, even multiple people at once could suffer the addiction... and seeing another person touching their coin is sure to cause anger and hatred in a person. For the Angel imprisoned to truly regain a measure of their power, the host has to willingly take the coin into their being, let it become one with them, whether willingly... or not.

These demons are absolute masters of persuasion, with thousands of years of experience and the full host of the subject's memories and desires at their disposal. They'll promise anything, show them visions of what they could be, and possibly even appear in their dreams as an incarnation of a loved one or a trusted mentor, and they'll specifically do it in a way to appear reasonable to their potential host.  But if all else fails, the angels will show their true natures, and resort to psychic torture, hoping to drive the hosts to take up the coin to stop the pain, or send them spiraling into insanity and take control themselves. While those Denarians with an unwilling host are weaker, since they can't call on the host's knowledge or abilities in combat, they're willing to make that sacrifice to end their imprisonment if the host is truly not willing to be convinced.

Once a person has taken in a coin, one way or another, it's hidden within their body. The only way to re-imprison a Denarian when it's been released is to separate coin from host, which is nearly always impossible to do without utterly destroying the host, since the Denarians usually hide the coin deep inside their brain, or in their heart, or amongst their other internal organs.

There are two basic types of freed Denarians: those without a willing host and those with whom the host is at least partially cooperating. Denarians who do not have a willing host will only ever appear in their demonic forms, which vary wildly from Denarian to Denarian, the only real restrictions being that they have two sets of eyes, one human looking, and one glowing and demonic, the demonic eyes appearing just above the human set. Some examples of Demon Forms can be found at the bottom of the write-up. All Denarians are capable of incredible healing, able to re-make their bodies and even re-grow lost appendages very, very quickly, though it is much harder for them to heal injuries inflicted by a Sword of the Cross (see below) or any other kind of Holy Weapon (holy water, Innocence, Hand Grenades from Antioch, Etc.) They also gain tremendous combat advantages with their demon forms, usually making them capable of holding their own and outlasting even the most powerful  opponents.

Denarians with willing hosts are far more dangerous. The Demons are capable of concealing themselves, making the host look precisely as they did before, and switching to and from their demonic forms at will, usually taking about a second to five seconds for the transformation, depending on how drastic it is. Ancient masters of guile and manipulation, they're capable of bringing far more psychological weapons to bear and will often hunt the loved ones of the host , or try to convince them to find and take up coins of their own. The host, though they may think they're simply using the demon or cooperating them, will find it incredibly difficult to follow whatever agenda of their own that they had when taking up the coin, unless it coincides with the demons' own ultimate goals. Willing host Denarians can also utilize any abilities that their hosts had before becoming Denarians, in addition to their powerful demon form.

In combat, Denarians are ferocious opponents, and without holy weaponry it takes incredible effort to bring one down, usually the complete and utter destruction of the host body is required, or managing to reach inside and free the Denarian coin from the host, at which point they'll instantly lose all the healing abilities and revert back to their human form, 99% of the time dying instantly if they weren't already completely obliterated in the battle. The coins are indestructible and will be just as potent as they were before, and many an opponent has stood victorious against a Denarian and made the mistake of touching or taking possession of the coin for themselves, later falling and becoming an even more dangerous host. This is the Denarians ultimate plan, and often they're only beaten because they see an opportunity to gain an even more powerful host.

Which brings us to the section on
The Motivations of the Denarians: The Denarians aren't mindless baddies. They're working towards several goals, roughly working together with each other, though they aren't exactly the most tight-knit team in the world. They want three things, in order of most importance:
1. Ensure that every Denarian is freed and active, and has the most powerful, willing host possible. This is mostly an individual goal, but it's not unheard of for a Denarian to beat up on and overpower a person with a coin in their possession in order for the demon within it to offer them the power to fight back, or to kidnap a person and deposit them within the grasp of another of the coins. This will be happening especially frequently if there are very few active coins.

2. Utterly destroy the Swords of the Cross, their wielders, and any other holy relics they can get their hands on.  People who have faith-based powers or holy weapons and the like may have an advantage in combat against the Denarians, but they'll find themselves and their loved ones constantly targeted by them, since they seek to unmake anything holy in the world, from any religion.

3. Spread Chaos, fear, hatred and death throughout the world. They've been imprisoned in those coins for millennia, and after a while, you just want to watch the world burn. They don't care who they're fighting, if there's nothing else pressing for a Denarian to do he'll simply go about doing generally evil, nasty stuff.

The Swords of the Cross: In and amongst the chaos of the Denarians scattered throughout the city, the rats have also been given something to combat them. The three ancient Swords of the Cross, each one with one of the three nails that allegedly were used to crucify Jesus forged into the hilt. In appearance, they are three exceptionally well made swords, each with a name etched into the blade. Amoracchius is a European style longsword, Fidellacchius a Japanese katana sword set into a cane, and Esperacchius is an elegant curved saber. The three swords will appear in exactly the right time, in exactly the right place, in order to offer themselves up to someone of exceptional faith and strength of spirit.

In keeping with the Almighty's choosing of unlikely champions, the three swords will only offer themselves to someone with little or no supernatural abilities of their own, and it will convey upon them its power and the knowledge they'll need to combat the Denarian threat. Those chosen do not necessarily need to be of the Christian religion to be chosen, they simply need to have faith, in one form or another.

The swords will amplify that faith, turning it into a shield and a weapon for good. The Swords will glow with pale blue light when wielded by those chosen, and this light will fill them and anyone nearby with bravery and courage, as well as penetrate any darkness.

The swords nullify most if not all supernatural powers used on the wielder, evening out the fight and making it more about strength and skill than power alone, and it bestows the wielder with a certain amount of skill in using the weapon. Any blow struck with one of the Swords will not heal nearly as quickly as a normal attack against one of the Denarians, and if the sword happens to pierce the host body and touch the coin, the demon will be instantly imprisoned within, and the coin will fall out of the host's body as if it was suddenly extremely hot, simply burning through their flesh as they return to human form.

While they do not entirely ward off the effects of the denarian coins, they will strengthen the wielder against their influence, and allow the coins to be collected and hidden away safely with less chance of temptation and corruption.

Destroying the Swords:  While they cannot be shattered or broken by conventional means, the swords can be destroyed. If they're ever used in anger, against an innocent, they will simply disappear from the wielder's hand, and the same goes for if they're ever captured by a Denarian in combat. A destroyed sword will re-appear to a new wielder within a day or two. Also, a wielder injured in combat or unwilling to continue their duties can willingly pass the sword along to another, if they meet the requirements to become a wielder themselves.

Examples of Demon Forms: It's encouraged for a character who's planning to take up one of the coins to invent their own creative Demon Form, and name the demon within, but below are some canon examples of Denarians for ideas of how big they generally are, what they do in terms of power, etc. Above all, the demons are incredibly varied, so players have a whole lot of freedom in designing what they'd like theirs to look like.

Ursiel: Appears in the form of a massive, nearly ten foot tall brown bear,  with a set of curling ram's horns, two rows of serrated, slime coated teeth and six legs.

Saluriel: Humanoid, but with green scales covering his skin, and his legs twined together into a long serptent's body. His normal eyes are vertically slit yellow orbs, and his mouth contains a pair of venomous fangs.

Imariel: The size of a child, but covered in an insect's chitin. it can fly with long, clear dragonfly wings, and it has the arms of a praying mantis in addition to four spindly legs sprouting from its hips.

Magog: Appears very much like a very large gorilla, probably eight hundred pounds or so, except for the tough, leathery hide and heavy claws.

Ordiel: An androgenous, naked, bald statue of obsidian, covered in a coat of shaggy feathers, its face obscured with a mass of fleshy, hanging tendrils.

Deirdre: Resembles a human female covered in red fur, with reverse-jointed legs ending in panther paws. Her hair is a mass of ten-foot long, independently moving blades.

Sometimes, mistakes happen. It's been pointed out to me that I occasionally drop threads, and if I have, I'd like to start off by saying that it's absolutely nothing personal and I don't have anything against any character or mun, but I do tend to tag pretty fast and furious with Harry here, so sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Which is the point of this handy new post! If I seem to have dropped a thread with your character that you'd like to backtag and play out, please drop me a line here, (links are especially handy) and I'd be happy to bring back the thread and let it play out.

Or, if you're not interested in backtagging but you'd like to let me know that I've done it a couple times to you and you're a bit annoyed about it, please drop me a line on here saying so, and I'll be sure to pay extra attention to your tags in the future.

I certainly don't want to miss out on potentially good CR with anybody's characters, so please don't feel shy. I don't have anon enabled here because a) I'm a noob and I don't know how and b) it kinda defeats the purpose of this whole thing, doesn't it? I promise you, I'm not the sort of person that sweats the small stuff, and I really will not hold anything against anybody.

Dresden's inventory
Official list of the things Harry's taking back from the Goblin City F3 trip, stuffed in his coat, which is tied off at the ends to prevent anything falling out:

1 small puppy (Hazard Dresden)

1 block gold

1 small bag gems (both stolen from Jareth's castle and given to him by Kenzi)

2 bottles of wine (same as above. Little thief)

six chickens (deceased, plucked)

several pounds of dino-meat (pretty obviously deceased)

Some miscellaneous odds and ends such as seasonings, potatoes, mostly food or stuff he's planning to use for magic. Lucky he's got a really big coat.:)

Cast mate wish list?
Hey y'all. As many of you know, I am the only Dresden Files character currently  in A_Facility, and while I don't mind being a lone canon warrior at all, if anyone was thinking of picking up a character from the series, I'd be absolutely thrilled to have a Molly, a Thomas or a Michael to play with.

That's all!

Alternate combat system
Hey everybody! Like a lot of people, I'm extremely excited for the new combat system that's being worked out for Facility, as I think it lends a little bit more depth to the system as a whole, and makes it a good method for resolving large brawls.

However, as a longtime player of other RPGs with a more in-depth combat system, I thought just having one roll might seem a bit simple to some people, considering how drawn out and well written a lot of fight scenes are in Facility and in the canons the characters come from. If there is only two or up to a small group of combatants, and the writers want to factor in some more interesting strategy into their writing, and want to throw their characters at each other "just to see what would happen" rather than pre-writing a fight scene, consider this an alternate system to use, with the same numbers and basic foundations of the traditional fight system.

In the normal fight system, characters detail what kind of attacks they're using, and what stat, and then roll a ten-sided die (or use a random number generator or something) and add it in.

The major difference between this fight system and the other is rather than having one roll, the two (or more) combatants fight in a series of rounds. Essentially, each fighter creates a post detailing what they want their characters to attempt to do, and in parenthesis, state which stat or stats you are rolling with. If your opponent is using two different stats, such as a flying lightning bolt ninja kick (energy/physical) then average them together and get one number. If electroninja had a physical level of 5 but an energy level of 7, he'd roll that round at a 6.

For example:

Harry dances back, trying to keep the distance between himself and his opponent, shooting fire out of his staff whenever the opportunity presented itself.

[Stat: energy, 8. Roll: 6]

On subsequent rounds of combat, players include the outcome of the previous round in their tag.


At the end of each round, the combatants compare their totals, and subtract the difference from the loser's Constitution stat. When a fighter's constitution is reduced to 0, they are considered either unconscious or otherwise at the mercy at their opponent, and are out of the fight. If it is reduced below 0, they are dead. if they want, the winner my choose to pull the "final blow" that would reduce the loser's constitution to below 0, to knock them out of the fight rather than killing them.

Optional rule: consequence

Once per fight, rather than taking damage as normal, the loser of a round of combat may choose to take a "consequence" rather than straight points of damage. This could be a broken leg, a severed appendage, or a dizzying head injury that reduces the character's combat effectiveness. This is to avoid fights ending too quickly because of one lucky blow. Rather than causing con damage, the player who takes the consequence must either halve a stat (which is above five), rounding down, or reduce a stat to 0 (below five, which is not already 0).

Brains over Brawn

When a fighter wishes to outmaneuver an opponent rather than fighting them head-on, they may use their intelligence stat rather than one of their combat stats during a round. The player may average this with a different stats, for instance if a magician used an illusion to confuse an opponent, it would count as energy/intelligence.  If they win the round, rather than dealing damage, they are considered to have outwitted their opponent. Next round, they may decide which stat their opponent rolls, and they receive an automatic +1 to their own roll. Alternately, if a player wins a round rolling with their intelligence, they have an option to escape the fight rather than continue.


I'm hoping people will see this as an interesting option for determining the outcomes of fights rather than pre-rolling for all of them. Action-packed fight scenes are often pretty fun to write, and above all else, please make sure to treat this as a tool to help your writing rather than a set of absolute rules to be followed. Rolling is handled by the honor system, of course. Keep in mind that cheaters are lame. I guess that's about all I've got to say. if there's anything you'd like clarified, or suggested tweaks, feel free to comment below!



So. This is an open thread for all who want to propose plots with Harry, and also a permissions post for the about to be mentioned hair/blood collection.

Essentially, the (dis)honorable diamonds Droog and Harry have, for some time, had an under-the-counter deal where Harry get's supplied with labeled miscellaneous bodily bits (mostly hair picked up in random places) and Droog gets magical protections. Basically, give me a post if you either a) are cool with Harry having some of your character's body, and therefore being able to do things like track them, and some other miscellaneous nastier stuff resembling voodoo. He's not a malicious guy, but if your character does something dangerous, he may create enchantments to protect him or other people from them, which will work pretty efficiently to block most supernatural abilities that character has. Obviously he's not strong enough to create something to stop, say, a minor god who really wants to hurt him, but it would be enough to give him or whoever uses it good protection.

Conversely, if you're really opposed to the idea, just post here and I'll be sure to note that Harry definitely does not have anything of your muse's.

So far, I've been mentioning the collection in passing, and occasionally using one for a little tracking spell or benevolent enchantment, but I definitely want to have permissions before doing something more drastic with it.

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Division - Record of Arrest

NAME Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden
ALIASES Dammit, Murph, do we have to go through this every time?
CRIME Property Damage est. 500,000$ resulting from an errant "fireball."
ARRESTING OFFICER Karrin MurphyPRECINCT Chicago PD Special Investigations

SEX Male/FemaleAGE 28BIRTHDATE 06/07/1983BIRTHPLACE Unknown
BUILD BeanpoleSCARS AND MARKS No scars, but always wears a stupid leather raincoat
RESIDENCE 1566 b St. Michael st. Chicago, ILOCCUPATION Police Consultant, Private Investigator, "Wizard". Self employed.
MUTATION Why do we even have this fucking box? I have never filled out an arrest form for a mutant. Goddamn SI.

Who can count?
Where do you think?
He blew up more shit.
Forgetting my birthday. There it is, smartass.

Character Relationships
Now slightly simpler, because holy moly that was a lot to work with. And now there's a hell of a lot more people involved, so.. yep. Take 2.

Basic Rankings:
♥♥♥♥: You've done something to make Harry hate your character. If they ever see each other, he will try to kill them.

♥♥♥: Harry hates your guts. He's definitely going to avoid talking with your character, and if he does, it's mostly gonna be insults.

♥♥: Harry strongly dislikes this character, and disagrees with nearly everything they do.

♥: Your character annoys Harry, and most of the time he will talk to them only to mock them or make them angry, because that's how he is.

: Harry likes you, but doesn't know you that well. Most folks he's only had 1 or two little conversations with are here, because Harry's a generally friendly dude.

♥♥: A friend, someone Harry likes to hang around with. Harry's a social guy, and he knows a lot of people, but this character stands out as trustworthy or fun to be around.

♥♥♥: Harry counts you among the best friends he has in Facility. it's also possible that Harry has romantic feelings for women at this rank, but hasn't really explored them yet or acted on them.

♥♥♥♥: Harry either trusts you as much as his closest friends back home, or he's in an active relationship with you. Harry would happily die to protect anyone ranked this high.

Characters (in something resembling alphabetical order):

6: ♥: Harry's certainly interested in you, both as a person and wondering how you're built. Even though they haven't talked much, Harry likes you.

Alex Mercer ♥♥: Batman and the Joker. Moriarty and Holmes. Dresden and superpowered mutant psychopath. Harry's extremely wary of you, and realizes you're even more dangerous than everyone seems to believe. Harry doesn't trust you any farther than he could throw you.

Alfred (America) Jones: ♥♥♥: U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! Harry loves nearly every aspect of Alfred's personality, and takes any opportunity to hang out with him. Not to mention, Harry is a proud citizen, and finds the idea of being buddies with America to be just awesome.

Asura ♥♥♥♥: You are a dangerous demon who enjoys fucking with people's heads. Harry knows to shoot first and ask questions later if he ever shows up, even though Harry wouldn't stand much of a chance.

Axel ♥♥: Even though Harry doesn't know you too well, he finds you and Roxas adorable, and considers you to be trustworthy and nice, even if you're a bit gruff. Also you have kickass hair.

Bro Strider : You saved Tsunade's life just as Harry arrived, and you're damn cool. But Harry doesn't know you at all, really. Harry would happily help him out if he needed it, cut no real CR yet.

Damian Wayne ♥: Little brat. Harry will do near everything in his power to piss you off, just because he can. Don't expect maturity from here.

Darc ♥♥: Harry gets a little tired of the whole "grrrr, angry dragon" act, but he's ok with it because he knows it's not the extent of Darc's personality. His affection for his mate shines through, as well as how he acts Hazard.

Emilia Galmar ♥♥♥: Despite the awkward encounters, Harry has learned to like you as a friend, and as something of a little-sister figure. He sees you as a little bit fragile, something to protect, and don't be surprised if every time you get a little bit down in the dumps there's a cheery wizard with an equally happy-to-see-you puppy showing up at your doorstep.

Franken Stein : Hard to make a call either way on this guy. Maka seems to trust him, but then again, so does Alex.... Gonna need a little bit more interaction to know one way or another how Harry feels about him.

Gabriel : There can be ONLY ONE king of snark. Let battle commence!

Hans Landa ♥: On one hand, you're a nazi. Strike 1. On the other hand, you're a detective, and Harry gets quite a comradely vibe off of you. On the third hand, or prehensile tail, or what have you, you called Emilia a slut for something she couldn't control, and that pisses Harry off. You're about one strike from Harry setting the seat of your pants on fire out of spite.

Harry Potter: No CR yet, but that offer of a Highlander style duel is still open, once the little squirt gets his wand back.

Hazard Dresden ♥♥♥: PUPPY! Whosagooboy? Whosagooboy?

Ishtar ????: Gah confusing feelings! Illusion week left some really bizarre memories that got associated with Ishtar in Harry's mind, and he's gonna have to take a sort through these feelings and get back to you on that.

Jack Noir ♥: You're obviously powerful, and pretty conceited about it too. Combine that with a total disregard for human life and Harry has a vague desire to punch you in the face. Expect snark attacks from the man wearing a katana-proof jacket. Telestab this.

Jack Skellington ♥♥♥: Jack's just a joy to be around. Friendly, curious, and empathetic to Harry's plight of being something of a misunderstood outcast in society, Harry likes Jack more than the average Hot Topic customer. He'd pretty much tell you anything, and if you ever had a problem, Harry would be the first in line to help you out.

James Potter : Harry likes you, even if he knows a little much about you since the soulgaze. He gets a bit of a disconcerting feeling when talking to you, like he's known you for years, which is a side effect of the gaze, and it makes things a bit awkward at times. Other than that, he'd certainly like to get to know you better.

Johny C: Probably never going to try to stab Harry or anything. Nothin to worry about.

Kate Bishop ♥♥: You're protective of everyone. Harry's protective of everyone. You're capable and keep your head despite the experiments, Harry... tries to. Ahem. Harry likes you quite a bit, and pretty obviously ships Kate/Tim.

Kenzi ♥♥: Harry likes Kenzi, but the rampant immaturity thing has kind of turned him off that little crush. You're still counted as a friend, though.

Komui Lee : Harry kind of likes you, but finds you to be a bit of a flailing doofus, and enjoys messing with you way too much. If you were ever in trouble, Harry would help you out, but he's not your best friend or anything. (He is not an octopus.)

Lucy/Kaede ♥♥: Harry is dead set on proving to you that life doesn't have to be pain. He sees you as a little sister figure, and someone he'd really like to protect, no matter how pissy you get at him sometimes. He has a lot in common with you, even if he pushes your buttons, and he's not leaving you alone anytime soon.

Maka Albarn ♥♥: You seem pretty friendly, and people certainly like you, so Harry trusts you. He's also quite keen to help you out, dealing with demons isn't fun for anyone.

Natsuo Sagan: : You're incredibly insensitive of peoples' feelings, and Harry can't stand that. He's officially swapped you over to the "doesn't really like" side of things.

Raven ♥♥: You're a little goth-y, a little quiet, but Harry gets a really good vibe from you, and the challenge of making you smile is something Harry likes.

Remus Lupin ♥♥: Harry knows he can trust you in a fight, and you seem pretty nice. They don't talk much, but Harry'd go out of his way to try and get the quiet boy to open up a bit more.

Riku ♥♥: After seeing your wedding and interacting with you a bit more, Harry's kind of broken through Riku's shell a bit, and now he considers you a good friend.

Roxas ♥♥: The primary source of adorableness in Facility, as far as Harry's concerned, tied with Hazard. Harry is fiercely protective of Roxas and Axel, and won't hear anyone complaining about their twoo wuv.

Starfire ♥♥: Friend of Raven's is a friend of Harry's. You're cheerful and enthusiastic, and Harry likes that, even if it gets a bit much sometimes.

Suki : Harry is entirely in favor of forgetting sins week eeeeever happened, and starting over.

Tamaki Suoh ♥♥: As much as Harry disagrees with you on certain things, you're pretty darn impossible to dislike, Tamaki.

Tim Wayne ♥♥: Harry has kind of a paternal mentorish vibe with Tim, and he sees a lot of himself in the kid. Even if he teases you a bit about the tights, don't let that fool you.

Tohru Adachi ♥: Harry doesn't quite trust you.... after talking to Frank, Harry's keeping up a friendly face around you, but he's watching his step.

Tsunade ♥♥♥: Yeah. You're going to have to deal with a Harry-crush, Tsunade. Better get the stick you use to keep the boys off you, because whatever vague feelings he had before he got all lustified are just going to be amplified after that little encounter, bone-crushing capabilities or not.

Xion : Paternal instinct OVERLOAD.


Constructive Criticism
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